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WHO allays fears about air travel

air travel

New York – The United Nations World Health Organisation (WHO) has allayed fears amid reports that airlines are suspending flights over the Ebola outbreak, by sending out social media messages with assurances that “unlike infections like influenza and tuberculosis, Ebola is not airborne”. [Read more…]

Botswana boycott at WTM


At today’s opening of the World Travel Market in London, supporters of Survival International, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights, called on visitors to boycott travel to Botswana over its persecution of Africa’s last hunting Bushmen. [Read more…]

A visit to Agadir


Morocco. A cacophony of sights, colours, sounds, smells and tastes. A festival of the senses. This is how I would describe my visit to Agadir. [Read more…]

Desroches Paradise Island

Desroches Island - Tranquil Paradise

Desroches Island - Tranquil Paradise

During these times of political unrest in the Maldives and around the world, Desroches Island, a stunning island of extreme natural beauty in the Seychelles, is the ideal destination for those who desire a decadent Robinson Crusoe experience.  Surrender to the relaxed island pace of life, bathe in the warm waters of the azure Indian Ocean and take a stroll on the 14km of velvety soft, white sandy beach.  If heaven were a place on earth, Desroches would be it. [Read more…]