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Introduction of ten-year visas

Canada - Introduction of ten-year visas

Canada - Introduction of ten-year visas

The Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) enthusiastically welcomed today’s announcement of a new, ten-year multiple-entry visa for international travelers wishing to visit Canada.

Internationally, tourism is the world’s fastest growing export sector, and much of the growth is being fuelled by a newly-mobile middle class in emerging markets such as Brazil, India, China, and Mexico. Enhancing Canada’s ability to welcome these potential visitors has the potential to mean millions of new customers and billions of dollars in foreign currency injected into the Canadian economy.

“A ten-year visa will help to put Canada back on an even footing with other destinations in the competitive international travel market,” said TIAC President and CEO David Goldstein. “This is a common sense solution that will make the visa process more efficient for our government, and more convenient for our valued international visitors.”

TIAC recognizes the work of Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney on identifying the need to facilitate legitimate travel from our key allies and trading partners where there is no threat. Increasing access to Canada is one of the tourism sector’s key priorities, and the need for modernization of our visa system has been articulated as a vital aspect of enhancing access and to help Canada’s tourism sector grow and thrive.

This simple solution will help to bring Canada in line with other destinations, and will provide both travelers and the department with the means to facilitate trade in the tourism sector. It is also a further demonstration of the Harper government’s commitment to promote growth in the tourism sector, and will help to support the interdepartmental initiatives in the forthcoming Federal Tourism Strategy.

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