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Dusseldorf’s New Generation Of Cultural Festivals

Alva Noto

Alva Noto

A new generation of cultural events has grown in Düsseldorf, leaded by two music festivals that have established themselves as successful mixers of genres and created a flavour all their own.  The Approximation Festival 2012 features a blend of classical and electronic music, and the New Fall Festival combines electronic with pop and song writing.  Both festivals also bring unique performance spaces into the mix for even greater experiences. [Read more…]

Shopping In Dusseldorf

The debt-free metropolis on the Rhine is famously regarded as one of the hot spots of international fashion. So much fashion competence concentrated in one area means that the opportunities to shop in Düsseldorf are just endless – it’s where “shopping at its best” can be enjoyed! Such major international designers as Armani, Bulgari, Gucci, […]

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