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Dusseldorf’s New Generation Of Cultural Festivals

Alva Noto

Alva Noto

A new generation of cultural events has grown in Düsseldorf, leaded by two music festivals that have established themselves as successful mixers of genres and created a flavour all their own.  The Approximation Festival 2012 features a blend of classical and electronic music, and the New Fall Festival combines electronic with pop and song writing.  Both festivals also bring unique performance spaces into the mix for even greater experiences.

Düsseldorf, Germany – The city where many electronic music legends like Kraftwerk began their careers has quietly established a new generation ofmusical events. With electronic at the centre of the transformation, old and new genres are fused into modern sound and vision. Düsseldorf is a colourful new annual musical destination and spectacle on the Rhine.

The “New Fall Festival” (03 – 07 Oct 2012) is a showcase for a new generation of bands that share elements of pop and classical music. With a range from singer/songwriter to electronic sounds, the festival appeals to a wide audience, including mature music lovers who have outgrown the traditional rock show and its rituals, such as poor sound, drab venue, and performances that don’t start on time. Instead, performers appear on two of Germany’s most beautiful concert halls – the Robert Schumann Hall and the prestigious Tonhalle, a planetarium-turned concert venue. Artists include “The Notwist,” “Ewert and the Two Dragons,”  “Get Well Soon,” “Dear Reader,” “Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto,” “Dillon” and “When Saints Go Machine.” More information:

The Approximation Festival (18 – 23 Sep 2012) is now in its eighth year and a staple in Düsseldorf’s cultural calendar. The programme transcends the lines of classical music with modern elements and electronic. Like the New Fall Festival, it puts much importance on space as a factor in the new musical experience. It also takes place at Düsseldorf’s Tonhalle, in addition to some of the city’s premier art spaces. An example of the tone of the festival is its opening event, a showing of the horror movie classic “Vampyr – The Dream of Allan Grey” to the live music of artists Hauschka and Stefan Schneiders.

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