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Simply Stockholm

The Colours of Stockholm

The Colours of Stockholm

Stockholm comes alive in summer when the colours and vibrancy become tangible, the exuberance and spirit of the city is well worth a visit.

The Heart of Stockholm

There’s much more to Sweden than Abba, Ikea, meatballs and Bjorn Borg – and, while modern Stockholm has a huge amount to offer, the nation’s capital is steeped in impressive history.

If culture and history is your thing, you could do a lot worse than to discover Gamla Stan, a focal point for Stockholm’s origins. Since the mid 13th century, Gamla Stan has been at Stockholm’s heart and offers a snapshot of how the city has evolved, with its ancient churches and alleyways.

Stadshuset is a must-see, with a 10,000-pipe organ and 18 million mosaic pieces in gold leaf displaying scenes from Swedish history, while the Nobel Prize Museum features a list of laureates and their achievements.

For art lovers, Andy Warhol was introduced to Sweden via the Modern Museet, which features the works of Picasso, Dali and Pollock these days, and the National Museum is home to art dating back to the Middle Ages.

The 90-mile Stockholm Archipelago islands are very popular in summer, while one of Stockholm’s biggest attractions is Vasa, a 69 metre warship that sank after just 20 minutes of its maiden voyage in 1628. It was finally rescued in 1961 and is now on display in the Vasa Museum.

As for eating and drinking, there is plenty on offer. Drinking on the water is very popular among Swedes and nowhere more so than in Stockholm, with a plethora of bars and restaurants on boats, while coffee is king in Stockholm and there are no shortage of coffee houses to cater for all ages and types of locals and visitors.

The Swedes love their fish and herring is a local delicacy in Stockholm. Why not enjoy some tastebud tempters while listening to live music, which is highly popular in the capital. Swedes like their rock, but Stockholm is eclectic and vibrant in its music tastes, with dance music, jazz, reggae and even salsa among the more popular choices. Samba in Stockholm? You’d better believe it.

Article by Mark Roach

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