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New Healthy Lifestyle Tour

South Australia

South Australia

Soul 2 Sole, a new four-day food and fitness experience, is set to dish up a complete nutritional and wellness package in the beautiful surrounds of Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Dreamt up by chef and five-time marathon runner Sue Pearson, personal trainer Stacey Harris and nutrition specialist Stephanie Gaskell, Soul 2 Sole harnesses the threesome’s individual expertise to deliver a holistic, healthy lifestyle food and fitness tour.

Some however may feel quite satisfied that staying at home and playing online is more to their satisfaction. Who can blame them however there is the opportunity to do both and become involved in a new fitness routine that could benefit and make you lifestyle more enjoyable.

From training with Stacey to cooking with Sue and nutrition seminars with Stephanie, the four days offer the opportunity to develop personal fitness, improve running strategy, increase nutritional knowledge and enhance culinary skills to maximise energy output whilst using Kangaroo Island’s fabulous local produce.

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