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Almond Resorts Environmental Policies

Almond Resorts - Environmental Policies

Almond Resorts - Environmental Policies

Almond Resorts, the Caribbean’s premier all-inclusive resorts in Barbados and Saint Lucia have reinforced their existing environmental and social sustainability charter with new policies, reflecting their commitment to environmental issues.

The new set of policies include:

Setting minimum targets on recycling as much as possible, including all glass, plastics and paper
Almond Resorts hotels will collect the cooking oils from the kitchens and submit to local manufacturers of bio-diesel
85% local produce used – developing liaisons with local farmers and growing some herbs and food stuff onsite to create a vibrant Farm-To-Table Program to bring valued added appeal to restaurant menus
Energy-saving light bulbs to replace traditional bulbs

Almond Resorts CEO Ralph Taylor says: ‘Almond Resorts is a socially responsible company and we have always taken pride in not only supporting the local community by sourcing only local produce but also taking action to minimise our impact on the environment. This includes recycling all waste and minimising resources such as water and non-renewable energy.

‘Two of our resorts in Barbados, Almond Beach Village and Almond Beach Club & Spa have been certified by EarthCheck**. In October 2011, The Almond Beach Club & Spa resort attained the Silver Certified Award, due to the ongoing commitment and hard work to reduce energy, water consumption and total waste production.  We also expect to receive certification for Almond Casuarina Beach in Barbados and Almond Morgan Bay in Saint Lucia within the next six months.’

EarthCheck is the world’s first tourism specific benchmarking and certification programme on environmental commitment of operational best practices.

Peter Hopwood, UK and Ireland Vice President of sales and marketing, says: ‘Many of our resorts are situated in lush tropical gardens, which we are committed to maintain and preserve for the pleasure of our guests but also to protect the environment and ensure that all of these features remain for years to come.

‘A perfect example is Almond Casuarina Beach, where guests can spot the famous Barbados Green Monkeys within the grounds, snacking in the late afternoon sun.

Almond Resorts are committed to preserving the precious eco-systems that surround the resorts and to ensure that these are around for people to enjoy for years to come.’

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