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Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre

YTL Hotels has a long-term vision to make a difference to the environment where its expanding collection of unique hotels and resorts are located. When Gaya Island Resort opened its doors in July 2013, it marked the beginning of its marine conservation journey in Borneo. YTL Hotels celebrated the official launch of its Gaya Island […]

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Desroches Paradise Island

Desroches Island - Tranquil Paradise

Desroches Island - Tranquil Paradise

During these times of political unrest in the Maldives and around the world, Desroches Island, a stunning island of extreme natural beauty in the Seychelles, is the ideal destination for those who desire a decadent Robinson Crusoe experience.  Surrender to the relaxed island pace of life, bathe in the warm waters of the azure Indian Ocean and take a stroll on the 14km of velvety soft, white sandy beach.  If heaven were a place on earth, Desroches would be it. [Read more…]

Air New Zealand to Norfolk Island

Air New Zealand Group General Manager Australasia Bruce Parton said the airline was delighted to have won the recent Government tender to operate the services. “Air New Zealand has a significant presence in the Tasman market and has a long and well-established relationship with the people of Norfolk Island, having been a trusted air service […]

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