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New Icelandic Airline set to take off

Icelandic Airline – MOM Air, looking to improve gender equality in the aviation industry, offer low-cost flights, and maximize the usage of its fleet.

New Icelandic Airline set to take off

MOM Air, a newly launched Icelandic Airline with main destinations between Iceland, Europe, and the USA are looking to set off as early as March 2021. The airline will offer travelers super low-cost flights while highlighting the importance of gender equality in the aviation industry. A spokesperson for the airline shared over the weekend that MOM Air will make history in Icelandic Aviation, making flights cheaper and more enjoyable.

Although international travel is yet back at full capacity, with some European countries and the U.K. announcing a second lockdown to combat against the spread of the novel coronavirus – MOM Air is positive that it will be taking its first flights as soon as March 2021. Securing financial support and preparations for flights and its booking system has taken months to finalize, but the airline is optimistic that its low costing flights and attractive onboard services will attract interested travelers looking to travel between Europe, the USA, and Iceland.

“We have been working endlessly to provide a better, safer, and more enjoyable travel experience for all our passengers. “MOM Air is not only willing to improve its services, but we take gender equality extremely seriously. We will have a 50% if not more female staff, filling various roles, from captains, managers, ground control, and more,” the spokesperson shared.

Additionally, the airline has announced that a new booking system for passengers will allow them to register for a period and destination and will be notified once seats become available. Using this system, as opposed to the current traditional booking system, the airline will maximize its fleet, lowering its carbon footprint with further practical gains.

Long-term financial security for the new airline has been secured in cooperation with both foreign and Icelandic investors, looking to boost travel between its main destinations, while retaining a fleet and staff of at least 50. The airline company has ensured that a practical business model is designed and put to work.

“Although bigger airlines offer an endless list of onboard services, we will make sure that all our services are optional. Whether it’s reading materials, internet, luggage space, seat selection to mommy food – passengers will have the liberty to choose what they need, and what they don’t, costing them less and creating a practical business model,” a source for the airline shared.

Airlines have been keeping prices low for short flights, advertising cheap tickets, but asking passengers an additional charge for check-in luggage. MOM Air announced that it will offer its two first seats on every flight for free, while its advance booking system, Hyper Flexible Transcendence or HFx will offer options to search for free seats first.

International travel has yet to make a full comeback in the last few months of 2020, with the industry seeing a loss of nearly €613 billion in export revenues for major tourism destinations, MOM will offer both COVID and non-COVID flights during these challenging times. “As a new airline, launching during a time where international travel has seen its sharpest decline ever, passengers will be able to book without making a payment beforehand or unbook without extra cost on short notice cancellations,” the spokesperson reassured.

With thousands of grounded flights, international borders still closed and many countries considering going into a second lockdown, air travel and tourism has been one of the most affected industries during the global pandemic.

The initiative taken by the company comes from years of Icelandic aviation knowledge and industry expertise. The company is steadfast looking to provide new solutions on the environmental impact air travel has on a global scale, but also ensure that gender equality stays at the heart of the business.

Although MOM Air is extremely optimistic that it will be setting off early next year, the airline intends to hold an online press conference on the 11th of November 2020 and will inform interested media outlets about its projection for the coming months. Those looking to partake in the conference can send an email to or visit their website at

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