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Out and About Fish River


Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon

The stunningly beautiful Fish River Canyon is located in the Southern part of Namibia. It’source is approximately 200km north of the Orange River but most folks know it for the hike that starts 10km from Hobas and ends 90km downstream at Ai-Ais (which means – Sjoe sjoe (hot hot).

There is a natural hot spring at Ai-Ais that folks can enjoy relaxing in.

The Fish River Canyon boasts rocks that are up to 1.5 billion years old. It has beautiful flows on Gneiss and Schist and many colours of granite.

It is closed over the Southern summer as temperatures exceed 50 deg C.

The Fish River Canyon is certainly one of the walks that all hikers should do at least once in their lifetimes

The Fish River Canyon by Keith Bösenberg


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