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Moldova – The Vineyard Of Eastern Europe

Moldovia Monastry

Moldovia Monastry

Baltic Holidays are pleased to add Moldova to their list of destinations. This former member of the Soviet Union offers a holiday with a difference, and was known as the vineyard of the USSR. You can visit the hundreds of miles of underground wine cellars, only accessible by car, some stunning Monasteries where monks still live in caves underneath and  clients can visit the Soviet breakaway ‘non-country’ of Transnistria….not recognised as a country by the EU, yet has its own border and currency.

In our new tour Moldova Wine & Monastries – clients visit the Milesti Mici Wine Cellars – which recently entered the Guiness Book of Records as holding the largest collection of wine in the world. Vistors travel by car and enjoy a tasting session at the end.

Clients also visit the Soviet breakaway ‘non-country’ Transnistria. This ‘country’ the size of Hampshire, is not regonised by the EU or Moldova, yet it has a border and its own currency.

Transnistria declared its independence from Moldova in 1990, wishing to remain part of the Soviet Union. Moldova resisted this demand and military conflict broke out in 1992, Transnistra looked to Russia and Russian peacekeepers occupied Transnistra to keep the peace.

Today Transnistria is almost frozen in time and makes a very interesting visit. It’s also home to an outstanding Brandy distillary Kvint – whose Brandy has been called better than Cognac…. clients take a tour of this distillary and enjoy a tasting at the end.

This tour is topped off with visiting some stunning monasteries and caves – where monks still live and a private guided walking tour of Chisinau, the Modovian captial…..Your be escorted by our expert Moldovan guide, who in spite of his admiration of heavy rock has much going for him….

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