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Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre

YTL Hotels has a long-term vision to make a difference to the environment where its expanding collection of unique hotels and resorts are located. When Gaya Island Resort opened its doors in July 2013, it marked the beginning of its marine conservation journey in Borneo. YTL Hotels celebrated the official launch of its Gaya Island […]

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Matka 2012 at Exhibition and Convention Centre

  The Nordic Travel Fair 2012 organised at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre on 19–22 January 2012 brings together people interested in travelling. Almost 1,100 exhibitors from more than 70 countries ensure an impressive start for the travel year. The exotic Madagaskar, Uganda and Trinidad and Tobago are now participating for the first time. […]

Matka 2012 at Exhibition and Convention Centre is a post from: Finland Travel

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