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Maribor 2012 – The Opening

Maribor 2012

Maribor 2012

Friday 13 January
17:00 EX-GARAŽA (Gregorčičeva 56)
Fundacija Sonda
A need exists in Maribor for platforms and discussion of the fine arts; the guerilla project EX-garaža hopes to fill that gap. With a continuous program-from exhibitions, projections, lectures and public debates-it provides a space for the presentation of new trends and methods in modern fine art, with the focus on photography and new media.
The opening weekend will see a presentation of the work of photographic intervention FOTOprivat 1+ avtorske majice WALKING GALLERY.

The year long program of cultural embassies is sure to attract aficionados of cultural events, which will both attest to and present the variety and richness of European and global cultures. We expect 2012 to bring an exceptional cultural symbiosis; an expression of priceless cooperation in the global space.

The cultural embassies program will enrich the international program of the European Capital of Culture with a range of events, contributing to a lively interchange with citizens of Maribor through art and culture. In this way the city will become the scene of exhibitions of virtual and intermedia art, attractive symposiums and round tables, concerts from classical to modern music, a rich film program, literary and culinary events, performing and theatre art, art for the young and other forms of artistic expression in an urban environment.

In the last year we have put together a rich program with foreign cultural centres in Slovenia, along with embassies from all over the world, and former, present and future capitals of culture. Moreover, the program has been designed to promote enduring cultural exchanges, and to foster cooperation among institutions within Maribor, such as Slovensko Narodno gledališče, Umetnostna galerija Maribor, Narodni dom, Lutkovno gledališče, Univerzitetna knjižnica Maribor, Pekarna Magdalenske Mreže, Kino Udarnik, II. Gimnazija Maribor and the Mladinski kulturni center. (Slovene National Theatre, Maribor Art Gallery, Slovene Cultural Home, Maribor Puppet Theatre, Maribor University Library, Pekarna Cultural Centre Magdelena Mreža, Cinema Udarnik, Second Maribor Grammar School, and Maribor Cultural Centre)

Vetrinjski dvorec, one of the oldest buildings in Maribor and the seat of the Maribor 2012 project, will open the doors of its gallery space on 13 January and by doing so mark the centre’s transformation into the main venue for cultural embassy events. Finland and Estonia will be the first to present their cultures, with a program created from collaboration with the Turku Foundation 2011, the Finnish Embassy in Ljubljana and the Estonian Embassy in Budapest.

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