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Full Version: Gauteng tourists urged to get day pass for e-tolls
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The South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) is urging tourists, who will be visiting Gauteng during the Easter long weekend, to get a day pass before using the provincial e-tolled roads.

Sanral spokesperson Vusi Mona said motorists may purchase a day pass up to 30 days before using the e-tolled roads. A day pass is valid for 24 hours after activation.

“If you are not a regular visitor to Gauteng, you can simply purchase a day pass by calling 0800 Sanral (726 725) and use a credit card, or you can walk in to one of the e-toll customer service outlets along the Gauteng e-roads or at shopping malls. Alternatively, visit our website and purchase a day pass online,” he said.

Mona said a day pass is activated when a motorist passes his/her first gantry. A day pass may only be purchased 12 times a year for a vehicle.

“A day pass is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase and cannot be activated retrospectively. It cannot be used to pay for e-toll transactions prior to the purchase of the pass.

“It is valid for the payment of all e-toll transactions and any number of kilometres driven on the Gauteng e-roads, as per the conditions set out after purchase,” he said.

A day pass is only valid on the Gauteng e-toll roads and cannot be used as payment of tolls at conventional toll plazas.

It entitles the motorist to drive through as many gantries on the Gauteng e-tolled roads in a 24-hour period with the vehicle the day pass has been purchased for.

However, Mona said no refunds are given on a day pass if transaction values do not equate to the amount the day pass was purchased for.

“Should you not have a registered e-toll account, or purchase a day pass before making use of the Gauteng e-tolled roads, you may pay for your unpaid e-toll transactions at the time of purchasing your day pass,” he said.

The tariff for each 24-hour period for a motorbike is R30; motor vehicle R50; light delivery truck R125 and heavy duty truck R250. –