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Prepare for the Starmus Festival 2014

 Starmus Tenerife

Tenerife will become the “centre of the universe” this September with the celebration of the second edition of the acclaimed Starmus FestivalPrepare for the Starmus Festival 2014 , which was presented at the AstroFest conference in London this week. [Read more…]

Tenerife’s Natural Beauty Continues To Amaze

Mount Teide view

Mount Teide view

In 2010, Tenerife not only proved to be a popular holiday destination, but also a fantastic location for filming and fashion shoots, thanks to its stunning natural beauty and wonderful climate. Following the success of the filming of Hollywood blockbuster movie “Clash of the Titans”, Tenerife has continued to host a variety of well-known brands seeking an unusual or spectacular setting. [Read more…]