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Prepare for the Starmus Festival 2014

 Starmus Tenerife

Tenerife will become the “centre of the universe” this September with the celebration of the second edition of the acclaimed Starmus FestivalPrepare for the Starmus Festival 2014 , which was presented at the AstroFest conference in London this week.

From 22 to 28 September 2014, “astro fans” will have the chance to learn and share their knowledge and experiences about astronomy and science, whilst enjoying the stunning skies and landscapes of Tenerife, accompanied by some of the greatest minds of our time.

Following the success of its first edition in 2011, the Starmus Festival returns stronger than ever this year. Under the title “Beginnings: the making of the modern cosmos”, the event will include a comprehensive programme focused on the world of astronomy and science, including roundtables, an “astrophotography” competition and lectures from prominent figures such as Nobel Prize winners Robert W. Wilson and Sir Harold W. Kroto and British ethologist, zoologist and scientist Richard Dawkins, amongst others.

One of the main events scheduled for the Starmus Festival 2014 is the “Teide Star Party”, a magical evening of stargazing at the lunar-like landscaped Teide National Park, where guests will have the chance to broaden their knowledge of stars and constellations and exchange their views with professional astronomers. The Teide National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – is one of the world’s best stargazing locations because of its clear dark skies, high altitude and low pollution, which won it the “Starlight Tourist Destination” and “Starlight Reserve” certificates awarded by the Starlight Foundation in 2013.

The Starmus Festival is supported by the Government of the Canary Islands; the Council of Tenerife; the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC), and has the collaboration of the Abama Golf & Spa Resort, where the conferences will take place. The Festival is the brainchild of Garik Israelian, an astrophysicist researcher at the IAC, and a scientific advisory board including the renowned astrophysicist and guitarist for British rock band ‘Queen’, Brian May; and legendary Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, who became the first human to make a ‘space walk’ back in 1965.

Mr. Carlos Alonso, President of the Council of Tenerife, says that “we are extremely happy that this important event is taking place on our island once again and we are really looking forward to welcoming astronomy fans and scientists alike and to showing them that Tenerife has the best conditions and facilities to become the world’s astronomical capital.”

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